Sep 27, 2018

The Benefits of Velux® Blackout Blinds

Blinds Blackout Bedroom

At Loft Blinds, we are proud stockists of Velux® Blackout Blinds. Blackout Blinds have qualities that make them the perfect option for any room in the home and they look stylish too.

In Need of Better Sleep?

Are you struggling to sleep? Sensitivity to light could be a reason why you are not getting the amount of slumber you need! Whether you need to block out car or street lights that are filtering through your window during the night, or if you are working the late shift and need to catch a few z’s during the daytime, Velux® Blackout Blinds eliminate the light entering your room, so you can dream light free.


Privacy is important in any home, and many choose to use Velux® Blackout Blinds in bedrooms, bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes for extra privacy. However, Velux® Blackout Blinds are also great for offices to block out the bright light reflecting off computer screens; they are great for rooms facing main roads or public walkways.

Great for Kids

As a child spends so much time in their bedroom, it is vital to make the room comfortable in terms of lighting and temperature. The bedroom is more than a place for your child to sleep, it’s a room for playtime and homework too! Blocking out sunlight in a child’s room with Velux® Blackout Blinds can encourage sleep and is perfect for nap time. Blackout Blinds not only block out the sunlight, they also control temperature in the room!

At Loft Blinds, we know the importance of Blinds that perform well and look great. Velux® Blackout Blinds come in a range of wonderful colours and patterns that can match your décor perfectly. We also stock Disney Blackout Blinds that feature your children’s favourite characters, from Star Wars to Frozen; we have the perfect Blinds for you and your children!

Kids VELUX Blackout Blind Frozen Kids VELUX Blackout Blind Star Wars Group

If you are interested in ordering Velux® Blackout Blinds from Loft Blinds, please use our Blind Builder today! You can also contact us on 01243 782580 for more information.