Feb 11, 2015

Ten Awesome Loft Conversion Ideas


I know it’s a dark and dusty place full of old boxes, cobwebs and multiple strange things you’d rather not mention, but that space up in your loft is limited, creativity wise, by one thing and one thing only...

...your imagination.

Take a look at these amazing creations...

Home Cinema

Home Cinema

Double the Wow! factor with both the film and the fabulous surroundings in which you and your friends find themselves. Who needs a multiplex when you’ve got your own upstairs?

Loft Library

Loft Library

Do you have a partner who repeatedly tuts at all of your books ‘cluttering’ (their words) up the place? Fear not. A library in your loft will give you all the time and space to hide yourself away up there with a book for a few weeks.

A Man Cave

Man Cave Loft

Seriously chaps, how good is THIS?  And why not, she’s got her handbag for everything she needs, you can have this.

A Night Club

Loft Night Club

At last, a nightclub where you decide on the guest list. This one is in Belarus but you could go for a more cosy theme rather than big and glitzy.

Music Room

Loft Music Room

Now come on, where else can you put that drum kit?  This loft conversion has the perfect beat as far as we’re concerned.

Snooker Room

Loft Snooker Room

Well look, how you get it up there is your problem-but how about this for bringing a little taste of the Crucible to your home? Cue some very late nights out with the lads.

Walk In Wardrobes

Loft Walk In Wardrobe

Make it look like you’ve a branch of Ralph Lauren in your own home. Lots of light, space and room for you to display your very finest of threads. You might even have enough room for a fancy dress section!

Swimming Pool

Loft Swimming Pool

No, really, it’s easy. You can have a swimming pool in your loft but don’t forget to  bolt on the outside balcony as well, the neighbours will love the idea once you’ve had them round for a swim and some canapés.

Photographers Studio

Loft Photography Studio

For those amongst you who prefer to do photography ‘properly’, the loft space is a perfect location  to do whatever it is you do with strange liquids, lengths of film and clothes pegs. Light when you want it, dark when you need it-just add some blackout Velux blinds and you’re away!

A Home Gym

Loft Gym

Rather than pay for expensive membership of a gym you eventually stop going to (although they’ll continue to take your monthly fee until the end of time) why not work out in your loft-it’s private, convenient and, most importantly of all, you won’t have to worry about the gym jocks laughing as you struggle to bench press 30kgs.

Your loft really is a limitless space. You probably won’t, of course, be going for such spectacular examples as those illustrated, but the scope and imagination portrayed does outline what can be achieved.

So, with that in mind: what are you going to do with yours?