Aug 25, 2015

How to Increase the Value of Your Home


How to improve the value of your home


House prices are always a hot topic in the UK. Whether you're in a studio flat in Southwark, or a mansion just outside Macclesfield, how much your property is worth, prices in the immediate area, and how viable the equity is are always on everyone's lips.

It’s all too often that people around the country experience a major change in their lives - perhaps a relative coming to stay long-term, a new baby arriving, or priorities changing as they grow older. Too many people respond to these changes in circumstances by thinking, “Right, we need a bigger place, somewhere else, with more bedrooms, bathrooms, and facilities. Let’s up sticks and move!”

What if there was another way?

Well, there is… Don’t Move Out - Move Up! Our newest graphic will show you a whole host of hints, tips and tricks to add living space, increase market values, and save money on energy and repair bills - all while staying put in the comfort of your own home.
Find your area on the map. Extend your home to add living space, and fix it up to add energy efficiency and property value.

Property isn’t just for investment - so why not enjoy it?