Feb 26, 2015

How to Create the Perfect Bachelor Loft Pad


You might really want to keep some etchings in your loft incase there’s a chance you can lure someone special up there to take a, ahem, look at them.

Or you might just want your dream bachelor pad up in the roof to be a place where you and your collection of toys can chill out and enjoy some cool and exclusive 21st century living.

Whatever it is you want to do up there, there’s a luxury item to meet all of your needs.

First, choose your sofa bed-the perfect acquisition for the extremely discerning bachelor-for  lounging by day and sleeping by night. Plus all the other things. How about choosing one from Sofa Workshop –no compromise on comfort and absolutely none on style either.

You’re going to need a TV. But not just any TV, how about one that makes a statement?

A Panasonic Viera. State of the art?  Oh yes. These models redefine HD with the pictured A942B complete with 2000Hz backlight blinking that creates a full, smooth motion, hi-tech that will give you as good a picture as you can get. Put it this way, if you watch Breaking Bad on it, your mates will think Walter White is standing outside your window.

It’s that good. But don’t take our word for it, take a test viewing at your nearest John Lewis for more information on this masterpiece of entertainment technology.

And don’t forget if there’s nothing on, you can turn your bachelor pad into a 24/7 media hub by accessing Netflix where you can watch a massive selection of TV programmes and films instantly-on your new TV, else on your PC, laptop or notebook, PS3, Wii, Xbox, Mobile and tablet?.

An Oculus Rift will give you the opportunity to escape to a virtual world of your choosing whenever you wish-though, to be fair, why would you want to be anywhere else other than your luxurious pad where you can wash away the stresses of the day in an en-suite exclusively crafted by Grohe?

Everything is falling into place now and it’s time to sit down (on your custom made armchair from Chapel Street), lean back and take it all in. With a glass of your favourite tipple to hand.

How about a glass of Yamazaki malt, voted the world’s best whisky in 2014. Perfect. Mind you, a malt as fine as this needs somewhere exceptional to be stored and displayed, so just as well you have a drinks cabinet that was lovingly crafted by the Jo Sampson Studio standing in one corner of your exquisite pad.

With whisky glasses crafted by Glencairn.

Give the place some mood whilst you’re at it. With some candles from Jo Malone. With some Pink Floyd soaring out of your Bang & Olufsen speakers and the whiskey poured, it makes for a very fine scene indeed-especially with your new Banksy print hanging on the wall.

Whoever thought lofts could be such fun?

But they can. Just let your imagination run free.