Mar 23, 2018

Minimalism as a trend and your Loft Blinds

Minimalism is very much a trend with interior design and general house design. The trend has been around for a while but shows no signs of going anywhere at the moment. When investing the money into converting your loft you want the interior to be adapted to a trend that you like. The minimalistic trend is universal and can fit within any room. It can make a room look so much lighter and larger.

Minimalism is also known as a decluttering life style trend. Finding ways to de clutter your home by possibly hiding the mess in more of strategic way (I know it can sometimes be hard to let go of your possessions) as to keep your home looking fresh and light.

With even brands becoming minimalistic in their style the trend seems to be taking the world by storm!

Your loft is a space that you can adapt to how you want it to be. Having a loft conversion helps you satisfy the trends you want and create a space tailored to you. 

Loft Blinds

With houses becoming so expensive it sometimes can be more ideal to expand your loft space into a room or rooms as to limit spending but give yourself more space. This is especially an idea when you think of expensive cities such as London. Getting a larger property can be extremely expensive so having the option of being able to have a loft conversion can be great!

Minimalism is particularly trending with millennials (18-35 year olds) as the neutral clean-cut colours and interior design can make houses look larger and lighter – with house prices risen this can extremely help with making your home look as large as you can.

Minimalism helps get rid of cluttered trends and busy shelves. To take place of these there are tidy clean spaces of floors and walls. The tasteful trend is functional as well as simple. You can strip back to basics making the focus point of your house the natural lighting bouncing off the neutral walls and floors.

Furniture becomes chosen on functionality, simplicity and it being an essential. With wanting to use the lighting to your advantage windows are great to utilise. Having loft blinds to go within your loft conversion are an essential and you can adapt these to match your exact trend including the minimalistic trend!

Loft blinds offers a blind builder to match your chosen colours through your house and having a range of styles, there will surely be one to match and reflect the trend you want within your house.

Take a look and choose your own blinds to bring in the light when you need and take it away at night time when you need your sleep!