Mar 6, 2018

Convert your loft, add value to your home and add living space!

Ft Blind Pic 1

Converting your loft can have a range of benefits.

Do you want to gain more living space from your home, while at the same time potentially increasing your property’s worth? If your house isn’t your forever home but you know you will be there for a while, then why not convert your loft? Investing in such a project can mean the end price you receive for your house increases due to the extra room(s).

If this is your forever home, why not use every space of your home? Enlarging space by converting areas, can help you extend the amount of room you have and make the interior of your home seem so much bigger!

Think of loft conversions as investing money in your home. According to Nationwide Building Society, loft conversions have the potential to increase your home’s value by 21%. We, of course, recommend talking to your estate agent before this large decision as they will be able to offer advice regarding the exact value you can add.

But if you are not so focused on the adding value to your home and more about increasing living space, then a loft conversion is perfect! Is your family growing? Are you already settled and happy with the home you are in, but you need extra space? Then converting your loft can add these aspects and help you expand to accommodate for these things.

Exploring this more, there are other benefits to converting your loft. For starters, you can decorate from scratch to your exact wants and needs. Expanding your living space is great when you get to choose the exact interior. Choosing how it will look; down to the furniture, bedding and even curtains and blinds.

Loft Blinds Pic 2

With interior trends changing all the time, it’s great to have more living space that you can adapt to your interior preferences, and design to the trends you like.

Loft Blinds offers some great prints that would liven up your loft conversion. This is ideal if you want to keep the interior and wall paint neutral, but liven up the space using fabrics and prints. Alternatively, if you would like to tone down the room with some neutral blinds, we have some lovely coloured blinds to choose from!

By choosing the small aspects yourself, you can style your own home to your own style preferences! Use our Blind Builder to create exactly what you would like, and imagine how your loft conversion will look!