Jun 25, 2016

10 Decorating Moves of the Month


There’s nothing like regarding your home as a Dalek would.

You know the score. Traverse it with steely eyes and an eye for every tiny detail whilst uttering those terrifying words as you go...

“Dec-or-ate...dec-or-ate. You. Will. Be. Dec-or-ated”.


Frightening stuff isn’t it?

Yet it needn’t be.

Most of us turn a whiter shade of pale at the thought of doing some decorating. I know someone whose kitchen needs a lick of paint for example. It’s a nice kitchen, light and contemporary with lots of new appliances. All that it needs to be finished is for a coat of paint to be applied to the walls.

And that was a few years ago. It’s not even a day’s work. Yet the person in question just cannot bring themselves to do it.

Ridiculous. But don’t laugh too long or too loud.  Because we’ve all been there.

Especially those of you with the bathroom that time forgot.

Well procrastinate no more. It’s time to make a stand. A change even.

Here are ten ways you can make a big difference to any room in your house. And guess what? None of these will take less than a day to do. Simple, quick, effective and pain free.

So what are you waiting for?

Friends Monica Apartment

1. Hang a curtain in your kitchen.

It not only looks good and just a little bit Mediterranean, it also helps to discreetly mask any work that might be going on behind it. Give yourself a little privacy and secrecy where you can weave your culinary magic out of the sight of casual onlookers.

2. Make the most of your rugs.

If you’ve a big rug then placing all of a piece of furniture on it really sets it off both the rug and the furniture, creating a look that is warm and luxurious. However, if you have a really fine piece then don’t cover it up with a sideboard. Let it stand alone, uninterrupted and glorious with furniture arranged around it rather than over it. Resisting that urge also gives a room a feeling of light and space, one where the eye is drawn to the beauty of the rug astride your floor, something which can be a great conversation piece in itself.

Stairs Lobby

3. Mix and match your bedding.

Well why not? Having your sheets, duvet cover and pillow cases all the same colour might be practical. But practical is where it begins and ends. Do you really want cold practicality in your bedroom, what about some warm creativity?  None of these items match-yet, put together it looks really quite charming, the sort of look you might have got in a New England hotel room back in the 1950’s. Nowthat is classy.

4. Consider your bathroom.

Bright, clean, modern. State of the art even? Well here’s a thing. How about mixing all of that up a bit by putting an antique piece in there? It’s a spectacular juxtaposition of the old and the new-and another talking point. Who needs old copies of Cosmo in there when you can gaze upon a real piece of art?

5. Want intimacy?

How about moving your seating away from the walls? There isn’t some archaic law that dictates that you have to push your expensive three piece suite up against the wall. Pull it inside the room a bit, go for a warmer, cosier look. Having people seated closer together also encourages conversation. Give it a go. You’ll be surprised.

6. How about a swift and easy change of mood in your favourite room?

If the look of your bedroom has grown a bit tired of late, you’ll be surprised at the impact a fresh colour of paint will have on both the room and its users! Try replacing safe magnolia with a vibrant blue or, for a calming and relaxing energy, a pastel green colour, aFeng Shui favourite with its calm and luxurious finish.

Paint Contrast

7. Completely change the look of a room in under half an hour.

Can’t be done? Oh yes it can. And it’s as simple as moving a few things around. This will cost you nothing at all and is the sort of fresh but simple approach that not only gives a room a fresh new look but might also encourage you to create some space by getting rid of some of the clutter that doesn’t really work anymore.

8. Freshen up your old upholstery.

Can’t afford to buy a new sofa (or, if you order one in July, be promised delivery “in time for Christmas”!)? Then why not freshen it up with some stylish throws or new cushions? If you’re a fan of TV series Friends, you’ll recall how Monica’s rather ordinary looking sofa rarely looked the same in every programme? Large and bright cushions atop vibrant throws brought a relaxed and new look to it on several occasions, making the room both welcoming and cosy. The same principle can be applied to just about any piece of furniture that needs brightening up-beds, armchairs even tables which can be given a new look by covering them in either a bright piece of fabric or, for example, a collection of scented candles and bowls. There is no limit to your imagination so think simple but think big.

9. Hall of mirrors (sort of).

Strategically placed mirrors are a great way of adding space and light to a room, a cost effective and attractive way of adding those two great assets to any home. A mix of different styles of mirrors can bring space and personality to even the smallest and most modest of spaces-again, you and your imagination can wield some great results in the most simple manner, completely changing the look and mood of a room by simply opening your eyes to its possibilities.

Window Blind

10. Blinds, blinds, blinds!

Windows are great on sunny, warm days when they let light and warmth flood into a room. But what about at night or on a winters day when you’d rather shut the outside world out of your life and home? Fear not, for the humble window can come into its own yet again. By brightening it up with a colourful blind, you’ll have made the minimal effort for a very high impact. If your windows are by Velux then there is a whole range of blind options for you throughout your home from colourful and fun roller blinds for a child’s bedroom to simple and effective blackout blinds for your own bedroom that manage to block out all of the light even if they are in a light colour.

There are so many simple yet hugely effective ways of brightening up your home in this manner, one that is low on cost and time but high on impact with the only real investment that you’ll need to make being the price you put on your imagination. And as that is completely unique, doesn’t that make it rare and priceless?

Go on. Indulge on both yourself and your home today. Think simple but act big. And let us know how you get on, we’d love to know and share.