Dec 19, 2014

Festive Loft Blinds for Christmas!


As we all know, Christmas comes but once a year. It’s a magical time, when children look forward to time off school and presents, while the older ones among us anticipate time off work, naps during the day time, loads of gorgeous food and Christmas telly.

However, the time Christmas comes around every year also has its downsides. The days are short, the mornings are dark and – particularly this year – the British weather is much less Winter Wonderland and more miserable, soggy, dreary grey drizzle without a hint of snow. It’s hardly the time of year to be going outside – or even to be opening your blinds to be reminded of how dismal the situation is.

Keep yourselves indoors, where it’s warm and dry. Put your feet up, get the kettle on, and take a look at our special Christmas loft blinds. They require less faffing about than decorations, they draw less power than lights, and best of all – they look their best closed! With these down, you can hibernate til Spring.


Die Hard

What would any self-respecting Christmas Day be without everyone’s favourite action hero of Christmases past, John McClane? Though he’s not brandishing a machine gun in this festive window adornment, the leading man of Die Hard is still packing candy canes and looking pretty mean. Plus, let’s be honest – this time of year is the perfect opportunity to consider what eating TV dinners feels like.


Walter White Christmas

Walter White Christmas

It’s been nearly two years since the world witnessed the final episode of Breaking Bad (Shhhh! No spoilers!), but while we wait out the winter for the debut of Walter and Jesse’s crooked lawyer in spinoff Better Call Saul in the Spring, we can twiddle our thumbs and watch lesser shows (unless you got a certain box set for Christmas?) in the knowledge it’s a Walter White Christmas. We don’t care who the one who knocks is – this festive period, we’re not answering the door.


I Am Your Father Christmas

Star Wars

Who thought lightsabers and Death Stars could make such admirable tree decorations? We certainly didn’t. Plus, not only do they look cool – they’re also highly deadly in the wrong hands. Just in time to get excited (or worried) about the next three episodes, this blackout blind will keep out the cold world outside so you can spend the break remembering why you fell in love with the original Star Wars trilogy in the first place. These definitely are the Christmas tree enhancements you’re looking for!


It’s A Wonderful Christmas

It's A Wonderful Life

It’s a good thing George Bailey was shown just how important he was in so many people’s lives – because after all, isn’t being with friends and family what Christmas is all about? You may not be able to throw a lasso around the moon for the Mary in your life, but this charming blind is probably the next best thing. You’ll be the richest man – or woman – in town!


Christmas in the Name Of


Ah, who remembers the infamous chart battle between Rage Against the Machine and Simon Cowell and his X Factor prodigies? The year was 2009, millions of people were tired of being spoon-fed one-hit pop wonders, and they decided to buy what would become quite possibly the least festive Christmas Number One Single in history. Remember that wondrous year in UK music history forever – and rage against the charts every Christmas.


We Wish You A Mogwai Christmas


… and a Gizmo new year! Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without the perfect Christmas creatures – Gremlins! Revert to your inner Gizmo this winter – don’t eat after midnight (because you’ll be too busy sleeping it off), stay out of the wet British winter weather, and keep away from bright light with this menacingly cute blind. Now you have another reason to love Christmas!


Santa, Ya Dead?

Cool Runnings

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get into your most comfortable house clothes and crack out the popcorn for this absolute classic winter masterpiece. In the wondrous 1990s, four Jamaicans and a bobsled took on the world – and it will go down in Christmas history. This year, get your fix of winter, igloos, eskimos, penguins and ice from the comfort of your sofa – watching it on the telly is far warmer! COOL RUNNINGS!


Jingle All The Way

Jingle All The Way

Here's one that needs no introduction. Everyone's favourite Austrian hardman turned Governor is not only synonymous with Christmas - but he's got every quip, pun and one-liner you'll ever need to get you through the festive period. If you've had it up to here with Turbo Man this Christmas, don't fret - so has Arnie, and so have we. Plus, we can all agree on something else - nobody likes Booster.

Wishing you an absolutely excellent Christmas and fantastic new year from everyone here at Loft Blinds. Get out the games, the food, drink and the festive films and relax! We'll see you in 2015!