Jan 28, 2015

Don't Move Out - Move Up!


You know the feeling.

You’re standing in your house with yet another item of furniture to find room for, and you just can’t work out where it’s going to go.

Either that or you’re expecting the ultimate trinket in a few months time which, whilst it might initially be small,  still has two legs, two arms, a loud and demanding personality-and a propensity to take more and more precious space up as it grows - which it will do, alarmingly, over the coming years.

Hm. It’s a contemporary conundrum. Where will it all go?

The obvious and easy answer is to say a new house, a bigger one, more room for everyone.


But hang on. That’s all very well in principle. But what about all the day to day things which upping sticks and moving house might affect?

Your job. The kids school. Leaving your friends behind. Plus your beloved local within walking (and stumbling) distance on the corner of your road. At long last, a home to call your own with a bar within five minutes walk of your own front door.

Then there’s  the stress and escalating costs involved (not including what you’re paying for the property itself) in moving. In fact, many people believe that moving is one of the most stressful things you can do.

But you really needn’t go through all that, there really is a way you can find space for the massive refectory table left by a relative - albeit a somewhat less-than-space-conscious relative.

And that’s by looking to the skies! Well, a bit below the skies - meaning the massively underutilised space which remains dark, dormant and forgotten beneath your roof.

Yes, that one. Your loft.

Problem solved. One, probably two more rooms for you to plan and use. A whole floor’s worth in fact.

How on earth was it you only went up there twice a year - to either get the Christmas decorations down or put them back up there again - and never really noticed this precious area of space which could be a new bedroom and en-suite, else a games room, study or home cinema?!

Why not get away from it all in a luxurious man cave?!

Plus, it’s not only all the extra space you’ll be making use of. You’ll also be adding to the value of your home by having a loft conversion done, maybe as much as 20% and upwards! In the current economic climate, you'd be silly not to!

Got your interest?

Thought so.

You’ll still have to do a little planning - you can’t just stick your bed up there, hang up a Lichtenstein print and bingo, job done. That checklist isn’t there for nothing, there are, and will be, legal hoops to jump through as part of the process. Plus there's the potentially onerous, but by no means impossible task of sorting out some professional, courteous and competent contractors to make your vision a reality.

But compared to all the stresses involved in moving house, the planning you’ll need to undertake is almost inconsequential in comparison.

Your home is probably your biggest asset. With the big, old, underused space right at the top of it an additional hidden asset lurking within. A diamond in the rough, if you will!

Isn’t it time you started to think about what you might be able to do with it?