Our light blocking VELUX blackout blinds offer almost complete darkness which makes them a perfect option for bedrooms if you need to get a good night’s sleep, or, alternately, if you like the option of having a restful nap in the middle of the day! The sun may be shining brightly outside but, with these blackout style VELUX blinds, you have the option of temporarily ‘switching it off’ to keep any rooms you choose dark!


Velux Blackout Blinds

The answer is very dark! These blackout VELUX blinds offer 99.9% blackout-even if you opt for one of our lighter colours. That’s the best on the market.

Using Velux’s ‘Pick and Click’ system for fitting our blackout type blinds means you should have them in place and ready for use within 10-15 minutes of opening the box. We provide full fitting instructions with each blind.


The external (ie) side facing outwards, is finished with a solar reflecting aluminium fabric film which not only reflects heat away from your bedroom roof windows in the summer months but also helps to retain it during the winter ones.

This helps make the fabric totally light excluding-even if you purchase one of the lighter blackout colours (eg) 1085 ‘Beige’ or 1025 ‘White’.


In the unlikely event that you find a mark or stain on your VELUX blackout blind fabric, you should be able to clean it off quite easily with either a duster or damp cloth. These blinds have been manufactured from a triple weave polyester fabric which is dirt resistant, meaning that your blind should always look like new.


There are currently three different options available for you to purchase and fit to help keep your bedroom nice and dark, all of which can be identified by a three-letter prefix. These are as follows:

DKL- Manual Blackout Blind

These are moved into place via the aluminium bar that is affixed to the bottom of the blind. They are very easy to move up and down the window and you will be able to do so with just one finger and with minimal effort. You can leave it in any position you like on the loft window. To have the full light blocking blackout effect, it needs to be closed, however, you can have it fully open as well as all points in-between.

DML- Electric Blackout Blind

These blinds are for use with the Velux range of Integra windows and are operated via a remote-controlled handset. This gives you the option of opening and closing them from any point in the room-even if you are reclined on the sofa.

Do note, however, that they are designed to fit the Integra make only and cannot be fitted to any other roof window type.

DSL- Solar Blackout Blind

These give you the option of having an environmentally friendly choice to block light from your roof windows. Like the electric blinds, they are operated using a remotely controlled handset and will fit all manually operated Velux loft windows as well as the Solar Powered Integra range. They can, of course, also be manually operated if you prefer.


What’s the difference between a standard VELUX Blackout Blind and the Blackout Energy Blind?

The fabric provided with the Blackout Energy blind is double pleated with a built-in aluminium honeycomb structure which provides it with its unique insulation qualities. The standard blackout VELUX blinds are not pleated but still contain a reflective backing which acts as an effective insulating material in and around your roof window.

Our bedroom Blackout Blinds range currently consists of 24 different colours and shades divided into two pricing groups.

How easy is it to fit them?

Once you have opened the box and checked all the contents, you should have the blind fitted to your roof window and working within 15 minutes or so. Full and clear fitting instructions are provided so, even if your DIY ‘knowledge’ is limited to changing a light bulb, you should have no problem fitting your blackout blinds.

My roof windows are not made by Velux. Can I still purchase and fit their blinds to them?

No. These Velux blackout blinds are manufactured to fit Velux roof windows only. If you window has been made by a manufacturer other than Velux, please do not purchase a blind from us as you will not be able to fit it to your roof window.