VELUX® Blackout Blinds

Backout blinds are perfect for those who want to get a good sleep any time of the day or night.

Made to fit any VELUX® window, these genuine VELUX® complete blackout blinds, straight from the manufacturer, will block out all light even on the brightest day.

Cheaper alternatives may allow light to seep in around the fittings, however rest assured that these genuine VELUX® blinds are made to fit perfectly for VELUX® windows using the Pick&Click!™ system.

DKL Blind Features

Dirt Resistant

These VELUX® blinds are manufactured from triple weave polyester fabric which is dirt resistant to keep them looking like new.

Solar Reflecting Blinds Blackout

The external face of all VELUX® DKL blackout blinds are finished with a solar reflecting aluminium fabric film which keeps out heat in the summer months and helps retain heat in the winter. This aluminium fabric is totally light excluding even when a light colour is chosen for its internal face.

Day into Night

The blinds run up and down through channels on the side that are made from aluminium and are designed in a way that stops light from coming in through the sides as well, keeping the blackout effect all around. 

Perfect for bedrooms and kids rooms or anywhere darkness is desired.

DKL Blackout Blinds Colours

With a choice of 46 different colours, including some fabulous colours and patterns there is a blind to suit every room and personality. From solid colours, to modern patterns and even Disney themes, your blackout blind will finish your room beautifully.


Blackout Blinds Types

Manua ( DKL ) blackout blinds

Manual VELUX® blackout blinds are operated manually by raising or lowering the blind using the control bar at the bottom of the blind.

Electric ( DML ) blackout blinds

Control your VELUX® blackout blind electrically via a remote control, great for opening and closing your VELUX® blinds which are in hard to reach places. In this age of technology, it's got to be done!

Solar ( DSL ) blinds

Solar VELUX® blackout blinds complement your solar powered INTEGRA® roof window allowing you to control your blind from anywhere in the room. Super cool!

Take a tour of our range of Blackout blinds using our blind selector page. Pop in your window codes from your data plate ( on the sash of your window ) into the drop-down menus to get the perfect blind specification for your home. If you would like more information about VELUX® Blinds, take a look at our Blind Information page or contact us at you convenience!