Kids VELUX® Blackout Blinds

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A child’s room is one of the most used and important rooms in the home.  Creating the perfect environment for your child’s place for homework, playtime and bedtime is extremely important.

Functionality Of Our Childrens Blinds

VELUX® Kids Blackout Blinds guarantee complete light control into your child’s room. Perfect for keeping the light out on those bright sunny days, making sure they get the best sleep possible when it comes to bedtime.

Our great choice of kids VELUX blinds offer protection from the heat, making sure that children can play and rest comfortably in a climate-controlled room.  Made with no harmful chemicals and an easy, fuss free installation process, VELUX Kids Blackout Blinds are the best choice when it comes to functionality and design so if you wish to buy a kids loft blackout blind then visit our VELUX blinds code checker for VELUX windows page.

Kids VELUX® Blind Colours and Designs

VELUX® have an amazing range of Blinds to blackout your kids room or nursery with a series of

Kids VELUX Blackout Blind Winnie The Pooh

colours and designs that will turn your child’s bedroom in to an exciting, light and temperature-controlled wonderland. Bold colours, fun patterns and blinds inspired by children’s favourite characters, from Disney’s cars, Frozen and Star Wars to our favourite bear Winnie the Pooh; we have the perfect blinds for you!

Shop our wonderful range of VELUX kids Blackout blinds on our blind selector page. Enter your window codes into the drop-down menus to get the best blind specification for your home. If you want more information about kids VELUX blackout blinds, discover more on our VELUX® Blind Information page or contact us today! 

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