We offer an enormous variety of Velux manual blinds choices for your loft windows, all of which are simple to use and to install. Full and detailed fitting 

Velux manual blinds

instructions are provided, these are so straightforward that it should take only around 10-15 minutes to fit your new manual blind to the window and put it to immediate –and effective- use.

Our manual blinds for Velux have an aluminium bar attached to their base which means you are able to easily slide them into any position you want on your window: fully closed, fully open, halfway down and all points in-between. The choice is yours as you are in control, not the blind.


You have the choice of five great options when it comes to ordering your manually controlled Velux blind. Each type has its own specific qualities meaning that, whatever rooms you intend to use them in, there will be a manual blind that will fit your needs as exactly as it fits your window. These are as follows:

  • Blackout Blind (DKL - Order Code)
  • Energy Blind (FHC - Order Code)
  • Pleated Blind (FHL - Order Code)
  • Roller Blind (RML - Order Code)
  • Venetian Blind (PAL - Order Code)


Follow this link to order skylight and Velux window blinds for you loft windows or you can read more about each of these blinds on this website.


What would you recommend for a bedroom? I hate waking up because the sun is streaming in through my windows at 5am!

If you’re not an early bird and would like the option of blacking that pesky dawn sunlight out of your bedroom, then a manually operated Velux Blackout Blind is an excellent option for you to consider. And you’re not limited to having dark colours either because even the lighter shades offered in this range will give a total blackout effect with, as an additional ‘bonus’, the foil backing on the  reverse of the blind reflecting heat away from your window as well as effectively storing it during the winter.

I don’t want to completely blackout the light from a room. But I would like to be able to at least filter out bright sunlight and have some basic privacy, for example, in my bathroom. What would you suggest?

Sounds like a manual roller blind might be perfect for your needs. These will filter the brightest light out of a room whilst still allowing some to enter. Which makes them a very viable option for your living room or a conservatory.

If you are looking for an element of control over sunlight as well as giving yourself some privacy, for example, in a bath or shower room, then you may want to consider fitting a venetian manual blind.

One rather splendid bonus with these blinds is that the blades are made out of aluminium. This means it is easy to wipe away any excess surface moisture from them, thus ensuring they look bright and sparkling all the time!

I have a large dining room in which I’d like to be able to adjust the levels of light coming in my Velux windows without blacking it out altogether. What type of manual blind would be best for me?

A manually controlled roller blind will diffuse the light entering through your windows very effectively. The amount that does come into the room can be affected by the colour blind you choose-so, for example, a white blind will let a lot more light in than a dark blue one.

On the other hand, if you want to provide some privacy in a room, for example, in a dining room where you will be eating, you may want to consider our manual Velux pleated blinds, which will do just that whilst bathing the room in a pleasant light. This means you can still enjoy the view outside whilst it won’t be so easy for people outside to see you!

Will I be able to fit these blinds myself?

No need to panic-the answer to this question is almost certainly, yes as all of Velux’s blinds have been designed with ease of fitting in mind.

You’ll receive clear but very simple fitting instructions with all of our Velux manual blinds which, if followed, should mean it’ll take you no more than 15 minutes to manually fit the blind to your window.