Velux venetian blinds


If you are after a great look then our Velux venetian blinds from as little as £70.00 are the perfect option especially if you want to have full control of adjusting both the amount of and direction of sunlight coming into a room.

Our venetian VELUX blinds are adjusted on each roof window via the use of a simple to operate control bar pre-fitted at the side of the window, this allows you to position the blind and tilt the slats into any position that you choose.

These are an excellent option for humid rooms where there can be high levels of moisture (eg) kitchens or bath and shower rooms as they can combine privacy with the option of maintaining ventilation in a damp or steam filled location. This is achieved by tilting the slats in any direction to adjust the angle of light whilst maintaining the required amount of privacy.

Our venetians are available in a choice of nine different colours, all of which are highly fade resistant.


The Velux venetians we provide are made from aluminium as are the side channels, header and concave opening bar. The venetian blind fixings are made of grey plastic, including the side control system which adjusts the blind blades to the desired position you require.


The aluminium blades on your venetian blind ensures that it’s both quick and easy to either give them a quick clean or wipe away any excess moisture or condensation that might need to be removed from the surface.

To do so, a duster or lightly dampened cleaning cloth is ideal. Gently wipe away the dust or moisture to leave your venetian blind looking spick, span and in showroom condition.


Venetian blinds are currently available as manually operated blinds only, please use the three-letter prefix PAL when placing your order.


How do I operate my new venetian blind?

Our venetians have been manufactured so that they are very easy to use. Their USP is that the conventional cord that is usually used to move the blind and adjust the angle of the blades has been replaced by a control bar that is attached to its base. By placing a finger on this control bar, you can raise or lower it to any position you like on the window.

To change the angle of the blade simply slide the tilting grip on the right handrail up or down until you have them in the position on the window you like, depending on the amount of light you would like to come into the room.

Do I need to get someone into fit venetians?

The venetian style VELUX blinds have been designed and manufactured to be as user-friendly as possible from the moment that you take them out of the box. With full fitting instructions provided, you should be able to fit a venetian blind to your windows in about 10-15 minutes.

If you’d still rather have someone do it for you however, there is no need to pay a professional to call round and fit it for you, any friend or family member who is at ease with basic DIY jobs should certainly be capable of fitting our Velux venetian blinds for you.