VELUX® Energy Blinds

VELUX® Energy blinds are perfect for those who want to get a good sleep any time of the day or night.

Made to fit any VELUX® window, these genuine VELUX® complete blackout blinds, straight from the manufacturer, will block out all light even on the brightest day.

Cheaper alternatives may allow more light to seep in around the fittings, however rest assured that these genuine VELUX® Energy blinds are made to fit perfectly for VELUX® windows using the Pick&Click!™ system.

If you want to block light from a window, order our energy saving VELUX® window blinds here which are perfect for loft or roof rooms.

FHC Energy Blind

VELUX® Blackout Energy Blinds Features

Aesthetic and Efficient 

VELUX blackout energy blinds material provides total blackout and high insulation against cold due to the snug construction. The double pleated Material with a built-in aluminium honey comb structure gives an insulation effect of up to 25%. Because the blind is not attached at the top or at the bottom, it can be positioned anywhere on the window. This gives you a full range of light control and privacy.

Solar Reflecting

The external face of all VELUX® DKL blackout blinds are finished with a solar reflecting aluminium fabric film which keeps out heat in the summer months and helps retain heat in the winter. This aluminium fabric is totally light excluding even when a light colour is chosen for its internal face.

Day into Night

The blinds run up and down through channels on the side that are made from aluminium and are designed in a way that stops light from coming in through the sides as well, keeping the blackout effect all around. 

Perfect for bedrooms and kids rooms.

VELUX® Blackout Energy Blinds Colours

With a range of 12 different colours, there is a blind to suit every room and personality.  Your VELUX® blackout blind will finish your room beautifully.

Operation Options

There are three options when it comes to operating the blinds, Manual (by hand FHC) Solar (Battery FSC) Electric (mains Power FMC suitable for Integra Electric windows).

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