Velux energy blinds


If you’re in need of a long and un-interrupted night’s sleep, then you may just have found the answer to your dreams with our range of Velux blackout energy blind.

They don’t only provide almost total blackout conditions for your bedroom but, in addition to that, they also provide up to 25% of effective insulation in and around the window as the double pleated cloth that makes up the blinds material has a unique built-in honeycomb structure that, as it also does in nature, acts as a perfect insulation barrier.

But that’s not all. Because these energy blinds are not permanently fixed to the very top or bottom of your window, they are referred to as ‘flying blinds’ as they can be placed anywhere on the window you like. This means you are able to constantly alter their position to suit throughout the day and into the night.

Velux’s ‘Pick and Click’ system makes these blinds extremely easy to fit with full fitting instructions provided with each blind.


These blinds won’t read you a bedtime story. But they are very effective at keeping your room cool in the summer whilst retaining heat during those chilly winter months. This is because they are finished with a solar reflecting aluminium fabric film which also makes the blind totally resistant to light, even if you choose one of the softer colours for your blind (eg) 1045 ‘White’ or 1155 ‘Beige’.

Light is also unable to seep through at the edges of the Velux blackout energy blind due to the very snug way that the aluminium side channels provided fit at that part of your window meaning that these blinds are the perfect option for bedrooms.


Each Velux blind has been designed to repel dust and dirt as much as possible. Accidents do happen however, and, if you should notice a finger mark or smudge of dirt on the fabric, you should be able to easily remove it by applying a dampened soft cloth to the mark and rubbing it in a gentle circular motion.


FHC- Manual Blackout Energy Blinds

These can be raised or lowered on your window with ease by using the aluminium control panel at the base of the blind. As they are not fixed to the top or bottom of the internal window frame, this means you have the option of leaving the blind in any position you choose with the option of being able to constantly adjust it during the day to best suit your needs.

FMC- Electric Blackout Energy Blinds

These blinds are a natural accompaniment to Velux’s range of Integra Electric windows as you will have complete control over both your windows and blinds via the remote-control unit provided. This is an ideal option to have if, for example, your windows are fitted high up into the roof or are otherwise difficult to access. And there’s no need to worry about multiple blinds opening and closing at the same time as the infrared band that operates the blinds from the handset operates on a very narrow bandwidth so if you are looking to adjust one blind, it should not affect the position of any of the immediately adjacent ones.

Please note that all of Velux’s electric blind options are designed to fit the Integra windows only and cannot be fitted to any other window type.

FSC- Solar Blackout Energy Blinds

If you want to display your green credentials, then how about considering a solar powered Velux blackout energy blind. These fit both the manually operated and Solar Integra roof windows that are currently manufactured by Velux. And no need to fret during a typically dull British summer as power comes from ambient light which means that they will maintain a constant charge even on the cloudiest of days.


What’s the difference between a standard Blackout Blind and the Energy Blind?

The fabric provided with the energy blind is double pleated with a built-in aluminium honeycomb structure which means it can give an insulation effect of up to 25%. The standard blackout type blinds are not pleated but still have the reflective backing which acts as an effective insulting material in and around your window.

Our energy blinds range currently consists of 24 different colours and shades divided into two pricing groups.

It all sounds very technical. Will I be able to fit these blinds myself?

If you’re reasonably confident about your DIY skills then yes, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you. All of Velux’s blinds come with full fitting instructions and should take no more than 15 minutes to fit once you have opened the box and removed/checked all of the contents. If you do have any doubts about the fitting, you can always contact us for some fitting advice and tips.


Can I purchase one of these blinds for my non-Velux window?

Velux blinds will only fit their products so if your roof window has been manufactured by any other company then please do not order a Velux blackout energy blind as it will not fit these windows.