VELUX® Electric Blinds

If you are looking for blinds that are long lasting, convenient and look great then VELUX® Electric Blinds are the perfect choice for you!  

High in quality and reliable VELUX® Electric Blinds allow you to have complete control over blinds on windows that are out of your reach at the click of a button.

VELUX® Integra blinds come in a variety of styles, all perfect for blocking out the sun on the brightest of days, controlling light and temperature in your home. All styles of blinds come in a multitude of colours, bold and vivid to simple and stylish; Velux have the perfect blind to suit your décor.

VELUX® Electric Blinds Types

You can choose from three different blind types:

  • VELUX® Electric Blackout Blind (DML)
  • VELUX® Electric Roller Blind (RML)
  • VELUX® Electric Energy Blind (FMC)


Shop our range of VELUX® Electric Blinds on our VELUX® blind selector page. Remember to input your window codes first in our drop-down menus to get the perfect blind specification for you.  If you want more information about VELUX® Blinds, discover more on our VELUX® Blind Information page or contact us today! 

Installation instructions


Before ordering please ensure you have read the code off of your data plate located on the opening sash part of your window e.g. GGL MK04. Ensure that you input that code accurately in the two drop down menus on the Loftblinds home page

On delivery and before opening any packaging ensure that the code matches your data plate code e.g. MK04

If unsure, please contact Loftblinds on 01243 782580 or email


Window shades for Integra windows.

When you are sure that your order is correct open the packaging via the handy perforated pull tab running the full length of the box.

You will find two grey plastic lugs pre fitted top left and top right on your window. Remove the cap covering the right-hand luge to expose the electrical contacts.

Now push fit the pelmet on to the lugs until you hear a click. Next fit the two bottom brackets provided in the fitting kit provided.

Next, fit the side channels sliding up to meet the mitred pelmet ends, then push fit the bottom ends into the bottom brackets.  Now it's time to use the screws and screwdriver provided in the fitting kit to secure the side channels.

Nearly finished!

On your existing window controller click on 'add a new device' the system will recognise the addition then follow the easy steps on the controller. You will be able to lower and lift the new shade and stop it at any position too! And finally kick back and enjoy your new shade.