VELUX® Electric Blinds

If you are looking for blinds that are long lasting, convenient and look great then VELUX® Electric Blinds are the perfect choice for you!

High in quality and reliable VELUX® Electric Blinds allow you to have complete control over blinds on windows that are out of your reach at the click of a button.

VELUX® Electric Blinds come in a variety of styles, all perfect for blocking out the sun on the brightest of days, controlling light and temperature in your home. All styles of blinds come in a multitude of colours, bold and vivid to simple and stylish; Velux have the perfect blind to suit your décor.

VELUX® Electric Blinds Types

You can choose from three different blind types:

  • VELUX® Electric Blackout Blind (DML)
  • VELUX® Electric Roller Blind (RML)
  • VELUX® Electric Energy Blind (FMC)


Shop our range of VELUX® Electric Blinds on our VELUX® blind selector page. Remember to input your window codes first in our drop-down menus to get the perfect blind specification for you.  If you want more information about VELUX® Blinds, discover more on our VELUX® Blind Information page or contact us today!