Velux solar blinds

How ‘green’ would you like to be? Our Velux solar blinds start from just £80.00.

If you’d rather utilise the free and infinite power that is available to us all via the sun, then Velux’s super range of solar powered blinds could well be your eco-friendly answer.


There’s no need to worry about providing electrical power for these blinds to work or even having to charge the batteries as the sun charges them for you-and for free!!

All you will ever need to operate these blinds is two AA batteries for the remote-controlled handset which should last you, allowing for normal use, around about two years before they need to be replaced.


You can choose from four different energy saving blind types if your choice today is the Velux solar powered blinds:

Solar Blackout Blind (Order Code-DSL)

Perfect if you would like to have the option of preventing any sunlight from entering a room, for example, a bedroom which is ideal if you wanted a lie in during those light summer mornings!

Solar Energy Blind (Order Code-FSC)

Probably the most versatile sun powered energy blind on the market today with their non-traditional fitting set up which means they are not attached to the top or bottom of the frame. This means they can be positioned anywhere you like over your window giving you total control of the amount of sunlight entering the room at any time of day.

Pleated Solar Blind (Product Code-FSL)

These energy saving blinds are an ideal choice if you want a combination of basic privacy as well as being able to change the mood in your room as the translucent fabric that makes up the blind softens the incoming sunlight without totally blacking it out.

Roller Solar Blinds (Product Code-RSL)

Allowing for basic privacy whilst still allowing some natural light to filter into the room, Velux’s range of roller solar blinds are an effective and highly practical option that not only offers protection from would be voyeurs but also looks good into the bargain. This makes them a very good option for rooms that may face out into public areas (eg) living rooms, home offices and reception areas.



Will these blinds still retain their charge even if it’s a really dull or rainy day?

Yes. The solar blind will take a constant charge from the sunlight even on the dullest or wettest of days, so it should always be fully charged and ready to go and holds enough charge for up to 600 operations. They are operated with a pre-paired wall switch that is provided with the blind.

How well will a solar blind blackout the light?

Velux’s range of solar blinds are designed to let a certain amount of light diffuse into your room through the fabric rather than blacking it out altogether. You can have some element of control over how much light comes in through a window that has a solar blind fitted by your choice of colour, so, for example, a dark blue (colour code 9050) blind will block out more sunlight than a white (1028) one.

If you want to prevent any sunlight coming into the room, then your best option will be to select a blackout blind instead.

Do I need to get in a tradesperson to fit these blinds for me?

Not at all. Providing you are reasonably DIY proficient; you should be able to comfortably fit the Velux solar blinds yourself. Full fitting instructions are provided which means you will be able to unpack your sun powered blind and fit it in no more than a quarter of an hour.