VELUX® Solar Blinds

Are your windows out of reach?

Do you require blinds for privacy and sun control?

Don't want to use a manual rod to operate your blinds? 

VELUX® have a solution!...... Solar charged battery blinds!

With a click of a button on your stylish hand remote control you can minutely control the opening aspects of your blinds when relaxing in your armchair.

You never have to worry about changing or charging the batteries as the sun charges them for you!

The hand controller just needs a couple of AA batteries every few convenient.

VELUX® Solar Blind Types

You can choose from four different blind types:

  • VELUX® Blackout Solar Blinds ( DSL )
  • VELUX® Roller Solar Blinds ( RSL )
  • VELUX® Energy Solar Blinds ( FSC )
  • VELUX® Pleated Solar Blinds ( FSL )


So, for total control at your fingertips check out our range of VELUX® Solar Blinds on our VELUX® blind selector page.  PS. Don't forget to input your window codes first in our drop down menus. If you want more information about VELUX® Blinds, discover more on our VELUX® Blind Information page or contact us today!