VELUX® DUO Blackout Blinds

VELUX® offers a Duo Blackout Blind for efficiency and versatility.

With the Duo blind being part Velux Blackout Blinds they can prevent the light from entering.

However, this blind also contains a part Opaque Pleated Blind, which helps to diffuse the remaining light coming into the room.

The VELUX® duo blind gives you the ability to have just the Blackout Blind in use, so that no light can enter the room, or you have the option to just use the Pleated Blind which diffuses light that enters. Alternatively, you can use a part of each of the blinds, giving a separate effect.

The blackout part of the blind incorporates the aluminium coating, which will prevent sunlight and heat from entering the room, while still insulating the heat within. Having this aspect enables you to make your windows more energy efficient.

VELUX® DUO Blackout Blinds FeaturesVelux DUO Blackout Blind

The blackout element of the VELUX® blind is made from dirt resistant OEKO-TEX® fabric

Improved insulation from the aluminium layer, helps keep the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Easy fit with the VELUX® Pick&Click!™ system

Due to the double functionality of this blind, it is perfect for bedrooms, offices and kids rooms.

VELUX® DUO Blackout Blinds Colours

The VELUX® Duo comes in 24 different colours and patterns for the blackout blind with a white pleated blind.

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