VELUX® Awning Blinds

Keeping homes at a comfortable temperature is important, especially after those long tiring days at work when you are ready to relax and unwind. 

VELUX® Awning Blinds Features

VELUX® Awning Blinds are external blinds perfect for blocking out strong sunlight and heat.

The blinds are made from a hardwearing, weather resistant, 100% polyester fabric, available in the colour black net.

Once Awning blinds are extended they eliminate direct sunlight from coming through your window, with the transparent fabric allowing you to enjoy the wonderful views outside. They are an effective heat protection solution; great for keeping your room at a satisfying temperature on those warm summer days.

VELUX® Awning Blinds Operation and Installation

No ladders or external work needed. Installation of the VELUX® Awning blinds can be done from inside your home within minutes and are easy to operate.

Offices, living rooms to children’s bedrooms, can all benefit from these blinds, they are a perfect way to control heat around your home, simply and effectively.

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