VELUX awning blinds are externally fitted roof blinds (ie) they are fitted to the outside, rather than the inside of your window. Velux awning blinds

This is a great option to have if you want to keep your rooms at a comfortable temperature on hot days, especially if the last thing you want to do after a long, hard day at work is relax in a room where the temperature seems to be higher than it is outside!


These roof blinds are perfect for blocking out strong sunlight and heat. Once they are fully extended, the transparent fabric will continue to allow you to see the blue skies and views outside whilst eliminating the uncomfortable glare that accommodates a hot summers day. A wonderful and practically effective heat protection solution that will keep the room at a very comfortable temperature whilst the outside world sizzles in the heat of the day.

This makes them a perfect option for living rooms, children’s bedrooms or offices and rooms where there maybe TV and PC screens that would normally be affected by the outside light shining on them which, in turn, makes watching uncomfortable.


Our stylish VELUX awning blinds are available in three different types:

MHL- Manual Awning Blinds

These are operated by raising or lowering the blind via the control bar at the base. Unlike other makes, you are not restricted to leaving the blind in one of a limited number of positions on the window; with these VELUX blinds you can leave them in whatever position you choose either fully open, closed or at any point in-between.

SHL- Electric Awning Blinds

If you have one or more of the Velux range of Integra electric windows, then these are a great option to have as they can be operated remotely meaning that you won’t even have to move out of your favourite armchair to open or close them which makes them perfect for your TV room or a home cinema.

SSL- Solar Awning Blinds

Velux solar awning blinds offer a ‘green’ solution for both the companies range of manual and solar powered Integra roof windows. These attic blinds come with a pre-attached wall switch that is kept charged by ambient light (so it doesn’t necessarily need to be a sunny day for it to take a charge) that will give you up to 600 individual operations via the remote-control unit.


Can I purchase these blinds for my non-Velux window?

Our awning style VELUX blinds for roof windows are designed to only fit their own range so, unfortunately, if you own roof windows that have not been manufactured by Velux, you will not be able to fit any of their attic blinds to that window.

How do I fit one of these blinds if it has to go on the outside of the window?

To fit an awning blind, you will need to open your window and rotate it 180 degrees so that the glass side that is normally on the outside is now facing you inside the room. All you now need to do is fix the awning blind to the two hooks on the bottom of the outside of the frame (sash) before swinging the window back to its normal position. The windows can still be opened and closed, even if the blind is fully down.

Please note that awning blinds will not fit on the inside of the windows. If you are looking for light and/or heat control on a conventional interior blind, please refer to the Velux range of blackout blind on this website.

How does this blind work?

All of the Velux awning blinds that we have for sale are made from a hardwearing and weather resistant, 100% polyester fabric and are available in the colour code 5060 (‘Black Net’). The awning blind blocks out the sun’s rays before they even reach the windowpane and acts to reduce passive heating by up to 72%, a great option to have on a hot day. Plus, as the fabric is transparent, you can still enjoy the view outside.