Our Velux pleated blinds are slightly different, design wise, to the other manually operated window blinds that are currently available.

Velux pleated blinds

This is because they can be adjusted from the top and bottom of your Velux roof window, the Pleated blind can be positioned in a place to suit every room in your home, no matter what direction the window faces or what time of day it is.

This makes them a splendid option if you want to enjoy the benefit of privacy whilst still being able to bathe both yourself and your room in a soft and pleasant light which you can adjust to the level that you prefer, whilst still enjoying the view outside.

These blinds are available in a choice of twenty different colours ranging from a soft and rather muted grey to a bright yellow, this product has a blind design and palette of colours that will immediately bring character and personality to even the smallest and most humble of rooms.


The Velux pleated blinds we have available are made of a translucent polyester cloth which runs along aluminium side channels that are fitted to each side of the window frame. The pleated blind is operated by two stylish full width control bars at the top and bottom of each blind which means you can position it exactly where you want it on the window.


These blinds do not usually attract dirt and will retain their elegant shape and appearance no matter how many times they are used.

If you do need to spot clean one for any reason, you can do so by gently dabbing at the mark with a duster or moistened cleaning cloth.


Pleated blinds are currently available as manually operated blinds (code FHL) and, for your Velux Integra windows, as an electronically controlled blind that can be operated by the remote-control unit provided.

This makes them an excellent option if they are going to be fitted in windows that are not easily accessible or if you have a higher than usual ceiling height in your room.


Can I buy this type of these blind for a non-Velux window?

No. Velux pleated blinds have been designed and manufactured to fit their own range of roof windows only, so please do not order any of these blinds if your window has been made by a company other than Velux.

Blinds Flying Pleated

How do I order one of these for my window?

Check which window size you have by looking at the plate that has been attached to the frame of your window. If, for example, your window size is a GGL M04 and you want to order a beige pleated blind for it, then you’d indicate what your window type and size is on our drop down menu, followed by indicating the blind type and colour you’d like.

So, as an example, GGL M04 FHL 1016 would be an order for a pleated blind, in beige, for your M04 Velux roof window. It’s as simple as that!

Do I need to get someone into fit my new pleated blind onto my Velux windows?

Velux blinds are simple to fit and come with full installation instructions that are easy to follow. You should be able to fit the Velux pleated blinds yourself in no longer than fifteen minutes or so, however, if you are reluctant to do so, there is no need to call and pay for a trader to do it for you, as any friend or family member should be able to do it for you.