VELUX® Pleated Blinds

The VELUX® Flying Pleated Blind allows a more flexible position in the window and lets in just the right amount of light, thanks to the special operating system that lets you position the blind smoothly and easily anywhere on the window frame.

The blind is operated by two elegant full-width control bars and can be set in any position in the window as it is not fixed at the top or the bottom.

This VELUX® pleated blind provides basic privacy and greater control of sunlight and it's soft decorative effect is available in a wide range of designs and colours.

The VELUX® pleated blind simply soften the light and add an elegant, decorative finish to your room.

Flying Pleated blinds do not attract dirt and retain their shape no matter how often the blind is used.


VELUX® Flying Pleated Blinds FeaturesBlinds Flying Pleated


Flexible positioning anywhere on the window

Greater control on sunlight

VELUX® pleated blinds are made of a translucent polyester cloth which run along aluminium side channels

Perfect to give privacy whilst not blocking the whole view. 

VELUX® Pleated blinds are great for living rooms, bathrooms and offices

Types of VELUX® Pleated Blinds

Manual VELUX Flying Pleated Blinds - FHL

Easy to use, the flying VELUX® pleated blind runs smoothly down the side channels making them easy to position at any point on the window to block as much light or give as much privacy as you require.

Solar Flying Pleated Blinds for VELUX Integra Electric Window - FSL

Controlled by remote control, you have fantastic control over sunlight through your VELUX® Integra window.  In particular these pleated roof  VELUX® blinds are great for windows that are hard to reach.

Blinds Flying Pleated

VELUX® Flying Pleated Blinds Colours

 Available in 20 different colours and designs there will be a pleated blind for you, whether you would like a soft muted grey to blend in or bright yellow to stand-out.

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