VELUX® Blackout Blind Fitting Guide

Below we explain how to fit VELUX® blackout blinds to your roof window to block out all light we should also explain that every different type of Velux blind is manufactured to specific dimensions to fit their windows. These blinds have a size code number that corresponds to the size code seen on a small plaque on the top edge of each window when opened. The first three letters of the code, e.g., GGL shows the type of window and the second part of the code gives the size of the internal glass measurement and therefore the corresponding size of the blind. This code, depending on the age of your window, may be a single number from 1 - 10 or may be a combination of 3 numbers or numbers and letters, e.g. C04, 606, U08, etc.

Provided the size code is given correctly at the time of ordering, the blind is guaranteed to fit and installation is a simple task that requires only a bradawl and a screwdriver. No special skills are required and installation should only take only about 15 - 20 minutes to complete the job.

Before fitting carefully remove the blind from its packaging and remove the contents. The blind comes in rigid cartons and is protected at its ends by polystyrene blocks to keep it in perfect condition when in transit. The contents include illustrated, step-by-step instructions and all the screws and components necessary for its installation and of course, the blind itself. The plastic fittings for the top and bottom of the blind come sealed in separate packets. It is best to open only one packet at a time to avoid any confusion when installing a blackout blind for the first time.

How to fit VELUX® Blinds Video


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Step By Step Installation Instructions

Step 1

Start with pack B as shown on the enclosed instructions and look to see if the top internal edges of the Velux window are already fitted with the correct plastic fixing points. If so, the contents of pack marked B can be discarded. Check the diagram in pack B to ensure any existing plastic fixing points are of the correct type.

To fit the new fixing points in pack B, (if necessary), separate the 2 plastic pieces where they are joined at the centre and leave the long plastic guide pieces attached. These ensure correct positioning of the fixings. Once they are screwed into place the plastic guide pieces can be detached and discarded.
The polished aluminium header which contains the actual blind can now be slotted into place. A click will then be heard when the header is properly slotted into place.

Step 2

Open the pack marked A in the instruction leaflet and remove the contents; separate the 2 plastic fittings at the centre and discard the plastic joining piece. The plastic fittings are marked with 'L' (left hand side) and 'R' (right hand side). Screw them into the bottom sides of the windows as shown in the diagram.

Step 3

Take the aluminium guide channels and slot these into place ensuring that the top edges of the guides slide slightly under the aluminium header of your new blind. A click will be heard when they are properly fitted into place.

Step 4

The guide channels can now be secured in place with the screws provided.

Step 5

Separate the red plastic retaining pieces to release the cord from its position at the base of the header. Make sure the cord is not twisted and click the grey plastic clips into place in the corresponding fixings at the bottom of the window.

The blind is now ready for use and can be slid open or closed or left partially open at any position of the window as may be desired.