Ceiling too high to fit and reach VELUX® blinds?

Think again; Velux manufactures a range of alternatives for operating roof windows and blinds beyond normal reach.

At the top of the range comes an electrically operated window connected through a motorized unit connected to the property's wiring circuit. The window can be opened or closed at any desired position at the convenient touch of a button.

Not only that, the company, always with an eye to environmentally friendly solutions, also manufactures a roof window fitted with a small, highly sensitive solar panel. The solar panel is fitted to the exterior of the window and charges an integrated motor which is operated by a remote control handset.

But what about Velux blinds for these windows? No problem, they have thought of that too. They also manufacture a range of blinds, known as Type DSL. These are also operated by tiny but ultra-effective solar panels fitted to the external side of the window blinds' header bar. They are available in the ever popular range of Blackout blinds or the light filtering range of Roller blinds. A simple hand held remote control unit with batteries included comes with every blind and allows you to open or close the blind at will in any position you choose.

These remote controlled blinds can also be a boon to anyone confined to their beds through illness or confined to their armchair while they are watching football on television. You don't have to get up to operate the blind; just don't confuse it with the television channel changer and bring the curtain down on the game.

At the lower end of the price scale comes the polished aluminium telescopic extension rod. Not as 'cool' as a remote control but very affordable and much more portable than a step ladder. If you can stretch up your hand within 1.8 metres of the window without standing on a box then the ZCT 200 is for you.

Still not long enough? If extra length is important to you then simply add on an extra metre by purchasing a ZCT 100 extender; also in matching polished aluminium. Simply slide it into the end of the ZCT 200 and....Hey presto! You've added an extra metre. That should be enough length to satisfy anybody's needs. It's sturdy, lightweight and very affordable.

If ease of operation is more of an issue than length, the ZCZ 080 might be just the job; it reaches up to a height of 80 centimetres. Perfect if you suffer from lumbago!

P.S. If you're ordering an extension rod, don't forgot to include an adaptor; this is the Velux Z0Z 085. It slides into the bottom rail of the window blind and makes for effortless movement when sliding it up or down.

If you're a little on the short side or your Velux blinds are a little bit too high, contact any official stockist who will be only too pleased to give you a leg-up.

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