Factors to consider when choosing VELUX® blinds

Loft conversions are designed for many purposes and home owners convert vacant loft areas for use as bedrooms, offices, space for relaxation, recreational purposes, to provide an extra bathroom or simply for use as storage. Whatever your particular use, there are Velux blinds suitable for every circumstance.

When a loft room is used as sleeping accommodation then your best choice of blind might be the type known as a 'blackout' blind, especially if the windows are south or east facing and you like to sleep late on a Sunday morning. This blind, known as Type DKL, is decorative on its interior face but combines with an aluminium coloured facing on the external side which completely obliterates external light sources. This blind is lowered and raised through aluminium side channels which eliminate up to 99% of light entering through the edges.

For the best of both worlds, the blind known as the DUO, offers the combination of blackout blind and a pleated blind which are combined in a single unit. Either blind can be easily adjusted to be fully opened or fully closed or to allow a partial combination of both. The pleated blind does not obscure light completely but filters light so that it is easy on the eye and offers a soft, comfortable appearance so often desirable when furnishing a bedroom.

The pleated blind, Type FHL, can of course be purchased as a separate blind so if total darkness in the room is not a priority then this blind can be installed to create an air of peace and comfort. If your roof window is situated on a north facing slope of your roof then this blind could be your best option.

For office or recreational use, the best choice might be the blind known as a 'roller blind' Type RFL. This type of blind can be fully opened, fully closed, or placed at any desired position within its polished aluminium guides. For office use, this blind, made of 100% polyester lends an air of efficiency and is easy to clean. The effect of the 'roller blind' is to exclude the full glare of sunlight but is sufficiently translucent to avoid darkening of the room. Light is diffused and softened, thereby creating an ambience ideal for those pensive moments. Sharp shadows and glare are reduced, allowing an even light for working at a computer, playing games or for pursuing ones favourite pastime.

The Velux company also manufacture a range of Venetian blinds. Easy to install and ideal for a bathroom or any other area where there might be a high degree of humidity. Easy to clean and, like all other Velux blinds, they come in a wide range of colours to suit your décor.

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