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Things That Go Bump in the Loft



It’s one of the classic horror scenarios.

You wake up in the middle of the night. You hear a noise. Someone, something is scratching and agitating at the ceiling.

That something is in your loft.

“Relax” mutters your slightly irritated partner. “It’s just a little mouse or something.”

‘Little mouse’ or not, you know it’s there. And it wants to get you! Because nothing appeals to the grim, grisly and irrevocably evil things in life (or death) than a big, dark and unconverted loft.

Just ask Mr and Mrs Homer Simpson, a typical American family from Springfield.

They’d neglected the loft in their four bedroomed detached home ever since they bought it. And with good reason as they found it to be the perfect place to hide away their oldest siblings twin brother, Hugo who’d been securely locked away in their loft for over a decade.

Yet even the most sumptuously converted loft can turn all of your dreams into nightmares.

Imagine having a secret, a secret and a secret place that only you knew about, one where you could turn all of your desires into reality. And by that, I don’t mean the model railway of your dreams up in your loft space.

That’s so twentieth century.

No, I’m talking about a smart, luxurious and discreet place where you can meet special friends and have some...special times. Look, you know where I’m going here, we’re all adults on this blog.

But what if it all went terribly, terribly wrong?

A salutary warning, perhaps, to never-ever p**s off the builders working on your project. Especially if they insist on communicating in Latin.

Not that I want to frighten you or anything. But all sorts of terrible things can happen in the loft.

There are You Tube films about haunted lofts whilst in horror maestro James Herberts book The Magic Cottage there are bats in the loft. Hundreds of them. And they’re not very nice.

People have even posted reviews on Trip Advisor warning fellow holiday makers not to stay at a certain hotel because they think the loft room is haunted whilst the internet is positively infested with photographs that claim to be of ghosts in lofts.

You wouldn’t, in short, be blamed for thinking that, on the whole, the average loft was potentially quite a scary place.

And you could be right.

But not as scary as the fact that, for as long as you have the space and potential above your head in your current property to turn something that looks like this....into something more like this yet do absolutely nothing about it, you’re not only wasting valuable space in the process but also the opportunity to increase the value of your home whilst you’re at it.

That isn’t just scary, its positively frightening!

So what are you waiting for? Start exorcising that empty space above all your heads today-and make sure that if anything goes bump in the night it’s one of yours.

Not one of these.

Published: Mar 25, 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering Your Home


Spring is upon us! Longer, crisper, clearer days, trees blossoming and the promise of Easter round the corner means you'll finally be able to shake off those cold, dark winter nights. However, spring also brings with it the inevitable shakeup of your home - Spring Cleaning! Have you ever wanted to use that spare room as a chill out space rather than a dumping area? Is your loft full of old tat when it could be the perfect man cave?

William Morris - the incredibly talented textile designer, poet, novelist, translator, and socialist activist - once said of interior designs; "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." That was way back in the 19th century, but in today's world of down economies, property price rises and housing shortages, the words couldn't possibly ring truer. The fact is, space in your home is at a premium, and it's time to get that space back!

Therefore, Loft Blinds presents... The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering Your Home!

The Ultimate Guide To Decluttering Your Home

What about those outfits you last wore a decade ago? Broken computer cables that connect to nothing? The musty old chair nobody ever sits in? A once-cutting-edge mobile phone from four contracts ago? Get them out of your home, and out of your mind. A clearer home means more space to live. Plus, as an added bonus, you could get some significant financial returns for flogging it to the right places - failing that, charity shops pay in good karma.

Remember, the key is to get rid of as much stuff that you don't need as possible. Be indiscriminate. Be unforgiving. Find that clutter and get it out - and Don't Look Back!

Published: Mar 18, 2015

The Truth About New York's Great Loft Lie


Looks lovely, doesn't it? Not for $9,000 a month, mind.

Mmm, looks lovely, doesn't it? Not for $9,000 a month, mind.

We’ve all seen movies set in New York that go through the boy meets girl, they fall in love, they get a place together thing.

Which just happens to be a cavernous loft apartment with a view of all the City’s famous landmarks from its huge, pristine windows.  Wooden floors, exposed beams, all open plan with an en-suite bedroom as well as somewhere she can study for her law exams whilst he works out in his mini-gym up in a corner somewhere.

They’re young and broke. She’s a law intern, he’s a jobbing actor doing a spot of work as a waiter ‘inbetween jobs’.

Candy floss comfort.

And one of the endearing clichés of the movie business.

It was films like Ghost and Single White Female which started and perpetuated the myth that all the beautiful young people in New York hang out in such places. And there was, at least back in the early 1970’s, some truth in the story for that was the time that run down and occasionally undesirable neighbourhoods like Soho, Tribeca and Bushwick were briefly occupied, in all their squalid glory by struggling artists, writers and musicians.

Open, cold, damp spaces with no power or water supply with holes in the walls and roof as well as hot and cold running vermin.

That was, and remains, the reality of New York loft apartment living for the vast majority. Not these contemporary palaces, lavishly furnished to a tee with enough floor space in them to store an airbus.

One of whoms occupants just happens to be, as portrayed in the aforementioned Ghost by Molly, a “struggling potter.”

Obviously a wealthy “struggling potter” as, even back in the early 1990’s, the rent on the enormous apartment she continued to live in after Sam’s untimely murder would have been several thousand dollars a month. The apartment in that movie was based on an existing 3,600 square feet space that took up the entire top floor of a former 19th century button factory in New York’s fashionable Soho area.

Wholly plausible then. Not. Indeed, about as believable as another great movie cliché, the one that says wherever you are staying in Paris, there will always be a view of the Eiffel Tower from one of the windows.

Now there’s nothing to stop you moving to the Big Apple and renting a loft apartment of your  own. Nothing at all.

The City has legions of realtors dealing in such properties with the typical two bedroom apartment costing a little under $9,000 a month in rent. That’s, at the time of writing, around £6,000.

So, clearly, not for everybody. Infact, not for anybody at all really apart from the exceedingly wealthy.

So much for the beautiful young things who flip burgers at night and write songs by day in their $9,000 a month loft apartment.

But then I guess Ghost wouldn’t have been so good if Sam and Molly lived in a basement squat under a pizza parlour in downtown Midtown?


Published: Mar 17, 2015

How to Create the Perfect Bachelor Loft Pad


You might really want to keep some etchings in your loft incase there’s a chance you can lure someone special up there to take a, ahem, look at them.

Or you might just want your dream bachelor pad up in the roof to be a place where you and your collection of toys can chill out and enjoy some cool and exclusive 21st century living.

Whatever it is you want to do up there, there’s a luxury item to meet all of your needs.

First, choose your sofa bed-the perfect acquisition for the extremely discerning bachelor-for  lounging by day and sleeping by night. Plus all the other things. How about choosing one from Sofa Workshop –no compromise on comfort and absolutely none on style either.

You’re going to need a TV. But not just any TV, how about one that makes a statement?

A Panasonic Viera. State of the art?  Oh yes. These models redefine HD with the pictured A942B complete with 2000Hz backlight blinking that creates a full, smooth motion, hi-tech that will give you as good a picture as you can get. Put it this way, if you watch Breaking Bad on it, your mates will think Walter White is standing outside your window.

It’s that good. But don’t take our word for it, take a test viewing at your nearest John Lewis for more information on this masterpiece of entertainment technology.

And don’t forget if there’s nothing on, you can turn your bachelor pad into a 24/7 media hub by accessing Netflix where you can watch a massive selection of TV programmes and films instantly-on your new TV, else on your PC, laptop or notebook, PS3, Wii, Xbox, Mobile and tablet?.

An Oculus Rift will give you the opportunity to escape to a virtual world of your choosing whenever you wish-though, to be fair, why would you want to be anywhere else other than your luxurious pad where you can wash away the stresses of the day in an en-suite exclusively crafted by Grohe?

Everything is falling into place now and it’s time to sit down (on your custom made armchair from Chapel Street), lean back and take it all in. With a glass of your favourite tipple to hand.

How about a glass of Yamazaki malt, voted the world’s best whisky in 2014. Perfect. Mind you, a malt as fine as this needs somewhere exceptional to be stored and displayed, so just as well you have a drinks cabinet that was lovingly crafted by the Jo Sampson Studio standing in one corner of your exquisite pad.

With whisky glasses crafted by Glencairn.

Give the place some mood whilst you’re at it. With some candles from Jo Malone. With some Pink Floyd soaring out of your Bang & Olufsen speakers and the whiskey poured, it makes for a very fine scene indeed-especially with your new Banksy print hanging on the wall.

Whoever thought lofts could be such fun?

But they can. Just let your imagination run free.

Published: Feb 26, 2015

The Best Interior Design Mobile Apps


Let’s face it: redesigning, redecorating and renewing your house can be challenging. The list of things to take into consideration can seem endless; from determining the room’s natural light, to hanging carefully selected artwork perfectly straight. This goes double when you’re pursuing a new loft conversion! But don’t fear – there are thousands of apps to assist you in designing your dream loft pad, and we’ve picked out some of our favourites.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas


If you’re only in the early planning stages, and after inspiration, the Houzz Interior Design Ideas app is right up your street. The app’s clean interface allows even the luddites among us to browse through a plethora of ideas and bookmark them in a virtual scrapbook. Save your time, save your money and save your energy – rather than buying countless interior design magazines, just grab this app and get inspired!



This is a free application that’s ideal for amateur designers looking to develop colour schemes to compliment different room designs. Do you need an earthy, tonewood-laden den for the lads? How about a bright, airy space for dining and parties? Use technology to your advantage – Palettes allows you to sift through hundreds of sample colours from photographs, websites, and anything else you can find.

Handy Man DIY


Handy Man DIY is a small, yet pretty powerful bit of kit – and available from Apple’s iTunes Store for a few quid. The app very cleverly allows you to recreate the dimensions of any room in the house, so that you’ll always buy the right amount of decorating disposables. Too much paint, too many tiles, too much laminate flooring or (especially for those converting a loft) too much insulation is a thing of the past with Handy Man DIY – so you’ll save the initial few pounds you spent on the app after its first couple of uses! It’ll also talk you through DIY jobs, like joining, plastering or tile laying via a network of tutorials and videos so that your renovations look professional.

Home Design DIY Interior Room Layout Space Planning & Decorating Tool


We’ve all been there: you’ve ordered a brand new plush sofa, solid oak coffee table or leather desk chair, waited in all day for the delivery, and then discovered to your horror that it won’t fit through the front door! Or, it’s gotten stuck in that one annoyingly tight corner in the hallway! Well, fret not – the Home Design DIY Interior Room Layout Space Planning & Decorating Tool (try saying that ten times fast!) is here to ensure that these problems will never happen again. This nifty little app, available on Apple’s iTunes Store, can show you exactly how each room will look once your colour scheme, flooring and furniture have all come together. You can virtually paste a new colour or fabric on to your old walls or sofa to get an idea of it, as well as adding the dimensions of your room and arranging furniture in it before you’ve spent a penny. This should save you bags of time, effort and stress!

iHandy Level


The final task to complete any newly decorated room is hanging and mounting everything perfectly level – be it pictures, shelves or breakfast bars. You could try desperately to find a spirit level somewhere in the deepest, darkest recesses of the house, or you could just download this free app. The iHandy Level does exactly what it says on the tin – giving you an exact level reading so there’s no more judging by your own eyesight and taking ages.

There are thousands of other apps on the market, but these are our favourites. If you’re looking to play around with different interior design ideas, spruce your loft conversion, or just do a bit of a decorating touch up; a little time spent searching can save you hours in the long run.



Published: Feb 18, 2015

Ten Awesome Loft Conversion Ideas


I know it’s a dark and dusty place full of old boxes, cobwebs and multiple strange things you’d rather not mention, but that space up in your loft is limited, creativity wise, by one thing and one thing only...

...your imagination.

Take a look at these amazing creations...

Home Cinema

Home Cinema

Double the Wow! factor with both the film and the fabulous surroundings in which you and your friends find themselves. Who needs a multiplex when you’ve got your own upstairs?

Loft Library

Loft Library

Do you have a partner who repeatedly tuts at all of your books ‘cluttering’ (their words) up the place? Fear not. A library in your loft will give you all the time and space to hide yourself away up there with a book for a few weeks.

A Man Cave

Man Cave Loft

Seriously chaps, how good is THIS?  And why not, she’s got her handbag for everything she needs, you can have this.

A Night Club

Loft Night Club

At last, a nightclub where you decide on the guest list. This one is in Belarus but you could go for a more cosy theme rather than big and glitzy.

Music Room

Loft Music Room

Now come on, where else can you put that drum kit?  This loft conversion has the perfect beat as far as we’re concerned.

Snooker Room

Loft Snooker Room

Well look, how you get it up there is your problem-but how about this for bringing a little taste of the Crucible to your home? Cue some very late nights out with the lads.

Walk In Wardrobes

Loft Walk In Wardrobe

Make it look like you’ve a branch of Ralph Lauren in your own home. Lots of light, space and room for you to display your very finest of threads. You might even have enough room for a fancy dress section!

Swimming Pool

Loft Swimming Pool

No, really, it’s easy. You can have a swimming pool in your loft but don’t forget to  bolt on the outside balcony as well, the neighbours will love the idea once you’ve had them round for a swim and some canapés.

Photographers Studio

Loft Photography Studio

For those amongst you who prefer to do photography ‘properly’, the loft space is a perfect location  to do whatever it is you do with strange liquids, lengths of film and clothes pegs. Light when you want it, dark when you need it-just add some blackout Velux blinds and you’re away!

A Home Gym

Loft Gym

Rather than pay for expensive membership of a gym you eventually stop going to (although they’ll continue to take your monthly fee until the end of time) why not work out in your loft-it’s private, convenient and, most importantly of all, you won’t have to worry about the gym jocks laughing as you struggle to bench press 30kgs.

Your loft really is a limitless space. You probably won’t, of course, be going for such spectacular examples as those illustrated, but the scope and imagination portrayed does outline what can be achieved.

So, with that in mind: what are you going to do with yours?


Published: Feb 11, 2015

Don't Move Out - Move Up!


You know the feeling.

You’re standing in your house with yet another item of furniture to find room for, and you just can’t work out where it’s going to go.

Either that or you’re expecting the ultimate trinket in a few months time which, whilst it might initially be small,  still has two legs, two arms, a loud and demanding personality-and a propensity to take more and more precious space up as it grows - which it will do, alarmingly, over the coming years.

Hm. It’s a contemporary conundrum. Where will it all go?

The obvious and easy answer is to say a new house, a bigger one, more room for everyone.


But hang on. That’s all very well in principle. But what about all the day to day things which upping sticks and moving house might affect?

Your job. The kids school. Leaving your friends behind. Plus your beloved local within walking (and stumbling) distance on the corner of your road. At long last, a home to call your own with a bar within five minutes walk of your own front door.

Then there’s  the stress and escalating costs involved (not including what you’re paying for the property itself) in moving. In fact, many people believe that moving is one of the most stressful things you can do.

But you really needn’t go through all that, there really is a way you can find space for the massive refectory table left by a relative - albeit a somewhat less-than-space-conscious relative.

And that’s by looking to the skies! Well, a bit below the skies - meaning the massively underutilised space which remains dark, dormant and forgotten beneath your roof.

Yes, that one. Your loft.

Problem solved. One, probably two more rooms for you to plan and use. A whole floor’s worth in fact.

How on earth was it you only went up there twice a year - to either get the Christmas decorations down or put them back up there again - and never really noticed this precious area of space which could be a new bedroom and en-suite, else a games room, study or home cinema?!

Why not get away from it all in a luxurious man cave?!

Plus, it’s not only all the extra space you’ll be making use of. You’ll also be adding to the value of your home by having a loft conversion done, maybe as much as 20% and upwards! In the current economic climate, you'd be silly not to!

Got your interest?

Thought so.

You’ll still have to do a little planning - you can’t just stick your bed up there, hang up a Lichtenstein print and bingo, job done. That checklist isn’t there for nothing, there are, and will be, legal hoops to jump through as part of the process. Plus there's the potentially onerous, but by no means impossible task of sorting out some professional, courteous and competent contractors to make your vision a reality.

But compared to all the stresses involved in moving house, the planning you’ll need to undertake is almost inconsequential in comparison.

Your home is probably your biggest asset. With the big, old, underused space right at the top of it an additional hidden asset lurking within. A diamond in the rough, if you will!

Isn’t it time you started to think about what you might be able to do with it?

Published: Jan 28, 2015

Festive Loft Blinds for Christmas!


As we all know, Christmas comes but once a year. It’s a magical time, when children look forward to time off school and presents, while the older ones among us anticipate time off work, naps during the day time, loads of gorgeous food and Christmas telly.

However, the time Christmas comes around every year also has its downsides. The days are short, the mornings are dark and – particularly this year – the British weather is much less Winter Wonderland and more miserable, soggy, dreary grey drizzle without a hint of snow. It’s hardly the time of year to be going outside – or even to be opening your blinds to be reminded of how dismal the situation is.

Keep yourselves indoors, where it’s warm and dry. Put your feet up, get the kettle on, and take a look at our special Christmas loft blinds. They require less faffing about than decorations, they draw less power than lights, and best of all – they look their best closed! With these down, you can hibernate til Spring.


Die Hard

What would any self-respecting Christmas Day be without everyone’s favourite action hero of Christmases past, John McClane? Though he’s not brandishing a machine gun in this festive window adornment, the leading man of Die Hard is still packing candy canes and looking pretty mean. Plus, let’s be honest – this time of year is the perfect opportunity to consider what eating TV dinners feels like.


Walter White Christmas

Walter White Christmas

It’s been nearly two years since the world witnessed the final episode of Breaking Bad (Shhhh! No spoilers!), but while we wait out the winter for the debut of Walter and Jesse’s crooked lawyer in spinoff Better Call Saul in the Spring, we can twiddle our thumbs and watch lesser shows (unless you got a certain box set for Christmas?) in the knowledge it’s a Walter White Christmas. We don’t care who the one who knocks is – this festive period, we’re not answering the door.


I Am Your Father Christmas

Star Wars

Who thought lightsabers and Death Stars could make such admirable tree decorations? We certainly didn’t. Plus, not only do they look cool – they’re also highly deadly in the wrong hands. Just in time to get excited (or worried) about the next three episodes, this blackout blind will keep out the cold world outside so you can spend the break remembering why you fell in love with the original Star Wars trilogy in the first place. These definitely are the Christmas tree enhancements you’re looking for!


It’s A Wonderful Christmas

It's A Wonderful Life

It’s a good thing George Bailey was shown just how important he was in so many people’s lives – because after all, isn’t being with friends and family what Christmas is all about? You may not be able to throw a lasso around the moon for the Mary in your life, but this charming blind is probably the next best thing. You’ll be the richest man – or woman – in town!


Christmas in the Name Of


Ah, who remembers the infamous chart battle between Rage Against the Machine and Simon Cowell and his X Factor prodigies? The year was 2009, millions of people were tired of being spoon-fed one-hit pop wonders, and they decided to buy what would become quite possibly the least festive Christmas Number One Single in history. Remember that wondrous year in UK music history forever – and rage against the charts every Christmas.


We Wish You A Mogwai Christmas


… and a Gizmo new year! Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without the perfect Christmas creatures – Gremlins! Revert to your inner Gizmo this winter – don’t eat after midnight (because you’ll be too busy sleeping it off), stay out of the wet British winter weather, and keep away from bright light with this menacingly cute blind. Now you have another reason to love Christmas!


Santa, Ya Dead?

Cool Runnings

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get into your most comfortable house clothes and crack out the popcorn for this absolute classic winter masterpiece. In the wondrous 1990s, four Jamaicans and a bobsled took on the world – and it will go down in Christmas history. This year, get your fix of winter, igloos, eskimos, penguins and ice from the comfort of your sofa – watching it on the telly is far warmer! COOL RUNNINGS!


Jingle All The Way

Jingle All The Way

Here's one that needs no introduction. Everyone's favourite Austrian hardman turned Governor is not only synonymous with Christmas - but he's got every quip, pun and one-liner you'll ever need to get you through the festive period. If you've had it up to here with Turbo Man this Christmas, don't fret - so has Arnie, and so have we. Plus, we can all agree on something else - nobody likes Booster.

Wishing you an absolutely excellent Christmas and fantastic new year from everyone here at Loft Blinds. Get out the games, the food, drink and the festive films and relax! We'll see you in 2015!


Published: Dec 19, 2014

VELUX™ Disney™ Blinds now available

VELUX have teamed up with Disney to release a range of Disney themed Blackout Blinds for 2014. We have the full range available on our website at up to 30% off the VELUX RRP.

Published: Feb 20, 2014

Blinds for VELUX™ "K Code" Windows now Available

Loft Blinds are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Blinds for VELUX's new 2014 range of Windows which contain the letter "K" in their codes. These include:

  • CK01, CK02, CK04, CK06, CK27
  • FK04, FK06, FK08,
  • MK02, MK04, MK06, MK08, MK10, MK12, MK27
  • PK04, PK06, PK08, PK10, PK19, PK25
  • SK01, SK06, SK08, SK10
  • UK04, UK08, UK10

All blinds are available at up to 30% off VELUX's RRP prices

Published: Feb 7, 2014

End of whiteline blinds

As from 1st May 2013 the "White Line" option will no longer be available. All VELUX Blinds now come with brushed silver trims.

Published: May 1, 2013

Get an extra £1.80 discount per additional blind when buying multiple blinds

Our latest offer provides unbeatable prices for those looking to buy genuine VELUX® blinds for multiple windows. Simply add more than one blind to your basket and your discount will be automatically applied.

Published: Jul 25, 2011

Discounted prices for our summer sale

As part of our 2011 Summer Sale we're discounted prices across our range of Velux Blinds and accessories.

Published: Jun 22, 2011

The best place to by Genuine VELUX Blinds online just got better!

After several months in development we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new website, as well as improved pricing all round, and free delivery on all orders!

The core of the site is our brand new interactive blind selector, but we've also improved our swatch selection process and checkout process.

Published: May 8, 2011

Free postage and packaging on all orders

We have now removed the 'usual' £4.80 delivery fee from all orders, whether they are shipped from our UK warehouse or direct from VELUX, and remember - we only sell Genuine VELUX Blinds!

Published: May 3, 2011

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