VELUX® Roman Blinds

VELUX® Roman blinds are the perfect way to decorate your home with stylish elegance.

Experience the perfect warm and cosy atmosphere these blinds create, as they block out any excess sunlight and radiate beautiful soft lighting effects around the rooms of your home.

VELUX® Roman Blinds Colours and FabricsVELUX People Daylight

VELUX® Roman Blinds are available in a wide range of colours perfect for completing various interior decorating styles.

The blinds come in a range of high-quality fabrics that are each sold separately.

Blind fabrics are made of easy to clean materials making maintenance effortless, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect blind for you!

Blind Pick&Click!™ system

Get bored easily? Constantly looking to change your home decor? If so, VELUX® Roman Blinds are a fool proof way of making your home look breathtakingly luxurious every time.

Switch between interchangeable fabrics and colours whenever you please using the hassle-free Velux Pick&Click!™ system; so you can change your Velux Roman Blinds whenever you please with ease!

Shop our range of Roman blind on our VELUX® blinds page. Enter your window codes into the drop-down menus to get the best blind specification for your home. If you want more information about VELUX® Blinds, discover more on our skylight blinds page or contact us today!