Types of VELUX® Blind

Below is a brief description of the various types of Velux blinds available today :

Blackout Blinds

Blackout Blinds give the best total darkness for both night and day. Perfect for afternoon naps and those lighter summer nights. Just right to ensure the kids get that deep sleep they need. These blinds help to turn day into night and are made of dirt-resistant polyester which features an aluminium foil that reflects excessive heat from the sun in the summer, whilst retaining heat within the room during the winter. The Blackout blind runs up and down the window in aluminium side channels. These are designed to prevent 99% of daylight from passing in around the edges to keep you in almost total darkness, and these blinds don't look like traditional blackout blinds because they are available in a wide range of colours and designs to fit most window frames.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are best for adjusting the amount and direction of sunlight. Made of aluminium, they are easy to wipe clean and are perfect for any room that encounters high humidity levels. Design features make operation simple and convenient, with a control mechanism that allows you to position the blinds at any point on the window. Improved aesthetics give you control over both the amount and direction of light, and they are easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds provide basic privacy and control of sunlight, and are undoubtedly the most popular of all blinds. They are available in a huge range of colours and patterns and are ideal for diffusing the light and providing basic privacy in a simple and elegant way. They are extremely easy to fit using the Velux patented Pick & Click system.

Flying Pleated Blinds

The new Flying Pleated Blind allows a more flexible position in the window and lets in just the right amount of light, thanks to the new special operating system that lets you position the blind smoothly and easily anywhere on the window frame. The blind is operated by two elegant full-width control bars and can be set in any position in the window as it is not fixed at the top or the bottom. This blind provides basic privacy and greater control of sunlight and it's soft decorative effect is available in a wide range of designs and colours. The new Pleated blinds simply soften the light and add an elegant, decorative finish to your room. Flying Pleated blinds do not attract dirt and retain their shape no matter how often the blind is used.

Insect Screens

Sometimes it's not just light that a window can let in and insect screen blinds are an elegant and effective solution to keep out insects while the window is still open, allowing fresh air to circulate freely. They won't obstruct your view and are easy to clean with a damp cloth. These blinds allow you to have all your meals with your family in comfort or enjoy a peaceful night's sleep without the unwelcome presence of insects.

It is installed on the wall so you can use your window as normal and if you're not using it, simply roll it up in its aluminium casing. This screen blind can be combined with all types of VELUX Blinds.

Most Velux blinds can be bought in three variants: Manual, Solar Powered Remote Control, Electric control for electrically operated Velux Roof Windows.

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