Jan 21, 2011

Danish VELUX® Blinds

Danish designed Velux blinds have been popular for many years, especially in Northern European countries but they are now available worldwide in a huge variation of colours and designs, and many are designed for a specific purpose.

Among the most popular of these Velux blinds are Blackout Blinds, and below is a brief description of this blind type, which is very often used in loft rooms that have been converted into bedrooms, or apartments where the rooms have been built right up into the roofline.

Velux blackout blinds are perfect for providing the best total darkness for both night and day and are perfect for afternoon naps and those lighter summer nights. They are also just right to ensure that children get that deep sleep they need. These Velux blinds help to turn day into night and are made of dirt-resistant polyester which features an aluminium foil laminate that reflects excessive heat from the sun in the summer, whilst retaining heat within the room during the cold winter months.The Blackout blind is simple to fit and runs up and down the window frame in aluminium side channels. These are designed to prevent 99% of daylight from passing in around the edges of the blind to ensure you stay in total darkness, and these blinds don't look like traditional blackout blinds because they are available in a wide range of colours and designs to fit most size Velux window frames.

These blinds can also be bought in three variants: Manual, Solar Powered Remote Control and Electric control for electrically operated VELUX Roof Windows, ensuring that there is an option suitable for every situation.

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