Mar 21, 2016

The Best Tech for Your Garden This Spring

Is it Spring?

Let’s face it. The clues are all around us. Blue skies, sunshine, the distant sound of a long neglected lawnmower spluttering into life.

Surely it won’t be that long before the eternally irritating tinkle of the nations ice cream vans drive both adults and over excitable children into submission, albeit for totally different reasons?

Last time out on here we gave you a few pointers about bringing a flavour of the great outdoors into your home.

The sight and sound of running water, more natural light and enough interior foliage to start your very own ecosystem.

It’s time to take a look at the real thing now.

So pop on your wellies, adopt some appropriate headwear. And get out there.

Bowling Green

Take a look around. Survey your kingdom. Walk its perimeter. It matters not whether it takes you thirty seconds to do so, thirty minutes or if you need a landy for the job. It’s important to re-stake your claim on your own little bit of outdoor paradise, to remind yourself of what’s what, where things are and, in some cases, where they aren’t.

One of the first things you may notice needs some attention is the state of your lawn.

It may well look bowling green perfect in the Summer months. But look at what a few months of winter can do to your pride and joy.

Wet, muddy, overgrown and looking a rather sickly pale yellow in places?

Yep, your lawn needs some TLC. And fast.

Now we aren’t going to give you any gardening advice here. That’s not our brief. But we do think we know a thing or two about gadgets and technology for use in and around the home.

And that includes lawnmowers.

We reckon that Hayter lawnmowers are amongst the very best you can get.

The name of Hayter has been synonymous with grass cutting in the UK for nearly seventy years. They’re used and championed by both homeowners and professional contractors alike and have, amongst their devotees, the owners of some of the most well known and exclusive private residences in the country.

You don’t need to have a back garden the size of this one to make the most of their products either.

Congham Hall Hotel

Hayter offer a wide range of both electric and petrol mowers, so whether it’s just a tiny little one you can push around your postage stamp sized piece of lawn or a macho sit on job that looks as if it used be part of Operation Desert Storm, there’s one for you amongst their range.

A piece of kit the lads might just be so impressed with, they’ll volunteer to do the job for you!

And, if all of that is just too horrible a fate for you to contemplate and you just see a lawn as a facility for sitting or laying down upon, fear not. LazyLawn can take all of the afore mentioned aggro out of the equation for you.

For many people, one of the most important elements that they can bring to their garden is shape and depth.

So it’s not all lawn and accompanying flat borders.

What about adding some height?

One way of doing that is to make some raised borders using old railway sleepers.

Old railway sleepers offer you an inventive and very cost effective way of customising your garden in order to give it a unique touch that sets it apart from most.

UK Sleepers discovered long ago that sleepers were tried, tested and very much loved by both the gardening enthusiast and DIY fan as well as those wanting something that could be used over a larger area of land-farmers for example.

They offer either new and untreated or salvaged sleepers for you to choose from. Plus, and perhaps surprisingly for such an item, in a wide variety of woods and finishes.

And take a look at some of the things that you can do with some old railways sleepers...

Ash Banner

Sleeper Steps

Who would have thought something so humble would be capable of firing the inspiration quite so much?

Now, if you were one of those readers who liked the look of the options we have you last time about having the Zen like sounds of running water in your home last time out, then what about adding to the vibe by making part of your outside space a little temple to the therapeutic effects that plain old H20 can bring?

Water adds magic to a garden, whatever its size.

The look, the sound, the magnetic appeal. And the haven you are providing for wildlife.

Ask anyone you know who has a garden pond. They will have barely filled their newly excavated hole to the brim and no end of different life forms, large and small, will have paid it a visit.

Within three months it’ll be home to no end of flying and swimming beasts. And, as the owner of wildlife garden pond myself, I guarantee you that, if there is nothing on TV during the Summer, you’ll find just sitting and gazing into the shimmering depths of your very own private sea gives you as much pleasure and fascination as anything that can be churned out on television.

It’s not quite as straight forward as digging a big hole and then filling it with water. But not that much more.

The Sussex Wildlife Trust are one of many organisations who are promoting garden ponds as a very real and genuine haven for both flora and fauna suited to such environments. These are species that are increasingly becoming marginalised by the loss of so much green field sites to new housing developments.

You’ll have a lot of choices to make when you plan, dig and build your pond. The type of pond you want for example. Wildlife or decorative? Concrete base or butyl liner? Do you want fish or not? And how about its surrounds? Natural? Slate and pebbles? Or concrete slabs? Wooden railway sleepers even?

Too many decisions and options to consider here, it’s a subject that deserves a blog of its own. And that’s something else we’ll be considering later this year.

Garden Pond

If you are going to sit and gaze at your pond (or the patch of land you’ve earmarked for it-maybe you’re having a planning meeting with yourself about it, together with a nice glass of red wine), then it’s time to consider getting some new garden furniture.

After all, you’ve been scurrying about cutting the lawn, heaving old railways sleepers into place and shifting enough earth in which to bury a Saxon war chief for the sake of a tranquil garden pond.

You need a rest. So take the weight off your feet and consider what sort of outdoor furniture you’d like the most?

Bridgman have been manufacturing and supplying luxury furniture for the garden since the 1970’s. They consider furniture to be a long term investment, something that can be handed down through the years, a constant in family photos and memories throughout the lifetime of a home and garden.

Whilst if you want some of those memories to focus on play, rather than work, then look no further than Garden Games, a leading manufacturer of games, large and small, for the garden.

Although you may want to suggest something a little less aggressive than a garden badminton set of you want to keep your lawn looking pristine for at least one weekend in the year.

Here’s a much better pursuit for the garden.

Awesome Garden

Endless possibilities. Enjoy them. And if you’ve got any suggestions else have any questions, then let us know.

You’ll find us at the bottom of the garden.