Jun 4, 2015

Online Shopping Ticks All The Boxes



It wouldn’t have been that long ago that the mere mention of the word would have sprung forth images of the mighty South American river and all the romantic images that it casts upon the minds of those who yearn to travel.

It doesn’t anymore.

Amazon is now the byword for an equally powerful and influential beast, one that also influences the lives of countless thousands of people.

Only this Amazon is a shop. An online shop. And its meaning has become so ubiquitous throughout the world that its entered the popular lexicon in the way that, when you, I, or just about anyone wants to check on the price, availability or reputation of an item, we casually say “I’ll Amazon it.”

And everyone knows what you mean. The only waters that you will be dabbling your toes into however, are those that exist in the digital world.

And, where once the traditional high street butcher, baker or grocer had cause to lament the intrusion of the mighty supermarket behemoths muscling in and stealing both their customers as well as their business, we now see those once immovable retail store parks suffering a few scares of their own.

There are myriad reasons why Tesco has recently announced huge losses. And it’s not as if they haven’t seen it coming. A little under a year ago the rise and rise of online shopping was seen as one of the reasons their sales figures took a huge hit for their first full quarter of 2014.

With so many village and, indeed, high street shops now boarded up, there are those who will say their woes are a supreme example of commercial poetic justice being meted out.

Or the fact that, when it comes to shopping, going out and physically engaging in the act is something a lot of us would really rather not do any more if we can possibly help it.

And let’s face it, for all their attractive offers, money off coupons and attempts at being bijou with their coffee shops, no major retailer is ever going to make shopping fun or enjoyable.

It’s not a leisure activity. It’s not a ‘must do’. It’s a ‘have to’; a dull and time consuming domestic household chore. Like ironing, cleaning and taking the bins out.

So understanding why doing your shopping in the comfort of your own home comes so naturally and as such a popular alternative to people is hardly rocket science.

Its quick, convenient and simple. And can only take a few minutes of your time. In lots of cases, you’ll find that companies offer next day delivery.

What’s not to like?

Meaning you have a lot more time on your hand to do the things you want to do.

We’ll be taking a more detailed look at online shopping and the benefits of the digital world throughout May here on this blog.

Right now however, I need to take a few minutes out to get a new black ink cartridge and some paper for my printer. All this Spring sunshine is causing a glare on my screen as well, time to get that new Velux blind as well - I’ll have them all by tomorrow. Plus a nice bottle of wine or two for the weekend.

All bought from the comfort of my own home.

As I said: what’s not to like?